Hunger Eradication – Recently, during a very severe drought, we received some funds from some supporters in the UK. The community decided that, rather than use the money to buy food and solve the short term problem, we would start a small micro-finance scheme. (A merry-go-round to help families create longer term solutions for themselves.) 

This scheme has already been used to:

Buy Beehives – Honey is not only a valuable source of food and energy for members of the community but, as production grows, we will be able to sell it, raising funds for other things.

Beehive project

Increase Meat Production – Through the purchase of new breeds and cross-breeding, we are able to not only produce meat for our own consumption but also to sell in local towns and markets.

Maasai women and goatsGoats at local market

Cultivation – We have never traditionally cultivated crops. Therefore we need to buy seeds and tools, as well as undertaking training in order to become successful in this new field of food production.

Goat herder

Water – In order to ensure that projects such as cultivation are a success, we will need to find solutions to one of our greatest problems - a predictable water supply.  Currently, much of our time and energy is consumed transporting water by foot across large distances from existing water sources to where it is needed.
Water quality is also a problem.  Although by the standard of many, the Maasai consume relatively small quantities of water per person, the quality can be very poor and is a major potential source of health problems in our community.

Woman using water pump