Education - The Maasai have always valued wisdom and traditional education, but that is no longer enough. Our children need to enjoy the benefits of a formal education so that they can learn new ideas and skills to help us survive and have influence within the Kenyan government system.

Primary school children Kenya
Primary Education, though basic, is free in Kenya. Secondary Education is not and many children take long gaps in their education as they and their families struggle to raise the money. Many, sadly, just stop after Primary School. 

Having recognised that education for our children will be one of the pillars for building a sustainable future, the community tries to support the most able and diligent children to sustain their education. 
The cost of secondary education is approximately £350 or $500 US, per academic year for a boarding school and, since all Secondary Schools are in towns, several days` walk from the community villages. Boarding school is therefore the best option.
Late primary students, Kenya

We need your help.
Whilst these may sound like modest sums to people in developed countries, they are huge for families who do not live in a cash society and can only raise cash by selling livestock.
Even small sums can help. We pay donations into a community education fund that supports the children with the greatest need and who have most enthusiasm to learn.
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