Dance Group - Some of our members have experience in travelling to other countries, sharing our culture through the medium of song and dance.
In the past these visits have been a wonderful opportunity to create cultural exchanges between our people and, for example, the people of England and Scotland.

Maasai tribe celebration and dance
It is also a very successful way to raise funds, converting our efforts into financial support for the projects in our communities.
The dance group performs a series of traditional Maasai songs and dances in the form of a narrated story that explains our culture, traditions and history.  We also always bring examples of our beadwork with us to sell. The funds raised are paid straight to the ladies in our community who work long and hard to produce the beadwork.

As a proud people, this is important to us.  We know that at times the valuable support of friends and donors from abroad is vital in helping us to achieve our ambitions, but where possible we wish to work and earn money to help ourselves.

If you would like to find out more or help us organise a visit to your local community, please do
contact us.

Woman selling Maasai beadwork

Beadwork – Many people know that the Maasai traditionally wear beadwork. It often proves popular with tourists and other people.  It is a valuable source of money that can be used at times of drought to buy essential food. Since our climate is harsh and unpredictable, we are planning to buy land in a local trading centre to build a workshop in which we can create more and higher quality beadwork.