Emmanuel Mankura
My name is Emmanuel Mankura.

In 2008, 19 elders from six villages formed the Eyieunoto Nabaya Community Organization in Kenya. The organization was registered as a self-help group in Kenya in 2009.

Due to changes to the land sub-division, we, together with other Maasai communities, have been forced to settle against our will on a group ranch and abandon our traditional nomadic lifestyle.

This, combined with the increasing effects of climate change (longer and more unpredictable periods of drought), threatens not just our way of life but the lives of all of the members of the community.

We realised that something had to be done and we needed to take responsibility for those changes, resulting in our self-help group.

We now have 100 members of the group (each member representing a family) meaning that there are already 400 direct beneficiaries of the organization. Additionally there are very many other indirect beneficiaries among the wider Maasai community.