Maasai girl carrying goat
What are we trying to achieve?

“A sustainable future that protects the aspects of our culture that we value most and that make us the Maasai.”

Maasai discussion on rock

To do this our group focuses on three main areas:

Culture – We need to ensure that our culture and traditions are kept alive for future generations.

Environmental Conservation - If we fail to make it possible for people to live sustainably on the land, they will migrate to the big cities.  We need to find ways to better protect the land that we do have, improve irrigation, learn to grow crops and improve the ability of our herds to resist the impact of droughts.

Education – The Maasai have always valued wisdom and traditional education but that is no longer enough. Our children need to enjoy the benefits of a formal education so that they can learn new ideas and skills to help us survive and have influence within the Kenyan government system.

We have set up a variety of agreed
projects which we hope will allow us to realise these goals.

Maasai in sandstorm